Who We Are

Chem Gro is an independently owned, full service agriculture retail business located in southeast Iowa and northeast Missouri.

Our Purpose

Helping farmers maximize yields.

Core Values

We strive to put our customers first and meet their needs promptly, while going above and beyond to exceed expectations.

A True Devotion to Farming

Our Roots

Chem Gro of Houghton

Chem Gro of Houghton, Inc. was founded in 1954 when Harold Dyer and his brother, Irvin Dyer, started selling anhydrous ammonia to local farmers.

In 1963 they purchased property in Houghton, Iowa and began doing business as Chem Gro of Houghton, Inc. Eight years later a grain elevator was added in Houghton and Chem Gro began handling grain as well.

Since then, the business has expanded to include 8 locations with grain elevators, agronomy services or both.

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Our team will be able to help you maximize your yields while going above and beyond to exceed expectations.

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