Chem Gro continues to invest in the newest technology on the market to ensure you get the best quality custom application services. Two significant investments that have been made in recent years are New Leader’s G5 spreader box and sprayers featuring John Deere’s ExactApply.

New Leader’s G5 Spreader Box

New Leader’s G5 spreader box
The New Leader G5 granular fertilizer spreader box helps us achieve a more even, customized fertilizer application with less trips across the field.

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Precision Granular Placement

With the conventional granular placement spreaders, the spinners are fixed in one place which leads to more overlap during application. New Leader G5, with its 16-section swath width control technology, allows operators to apply nutrients with pinpoint accuracy. As a result, overlap is reduced and nutrient waste is decreased.

MultApplier (Twin Bin)

MultApplier allows for two materials to be spread simultaneously. These bins can work together or independently, in a broadcast or variable rate fashion, all in one pass. Therefore, we can reduce the number of trips across the field and field compaction by applying two products in a single pass.

Variable Rate Technology

Variable Rate Technology (VRT) allows fertilizer, lime, and other farm inputs to be applied at different rates across a field, without manually changing rate settings on the equipment or having to make multiple passes over an area. These rates can be based on current soil tests, last year’s yield data, and/or soil organic matter.

John Deere’s ExactApply

John Deere’s ExactApply
John Deere’s ExactApply technology allows us to reduce the number of sprayer tracks through the field, run over fewer standing crops, and reduce herbicide injury in the contour as well as overlap areas.

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Individual Nozzle Control

  • ExactApply technology features individual nozzle control, which means each nozzle operates independently of one another. This feature allows us to reduce sprayer drift and minimize overlaps.
  • To utilize this technology most efficiently, field boundaries must be mapped prior to application. We have been working hard since last Fall to map current field boundaries to utilize this technology for the upcoming spray season.

High Pulse Rate Modulation

On most sprayers, the spray droplet size fluctuates as sprayer speed increases or decreases. ExactApply/High Pulse Rate Modulation expands the range of application speeds while maintaining a consistent droplet rate and size. This feature will greatly reduce sprayer drift.

Sprayer Turn Compensation

As a sprayer turns, the rate at which pesticides are applied can vary across the entire length of the boom. The ExactApply system varies the rate at which pesticides are applied during these instances to keep the rate consistent. For example, when a sprayer turns at the end of a row, the nozzles at the outside end of the boom will automatically spray faster while the nozzles on the inside will slow down to maintain a consistent rate applied to the field.